In 1891 Mr. John W. Freeman applied to have the city now known as Dacula establish a post office under the city name of Hoke. Unfortunately, the request was denied due to the name already being used elsewhere. Upon further discussion, Dacula was born by combining Atlanta and Decatur. This time around, the name passed and gained approval via the United States Post Office, officially forming the great city.

Over the years Dacula has seen incredible growth. Things, like being home to the first female solo country artist Roba Mary Stanley, and being the center of Georgia’s innovation crescent, have helped the town make a name for itself. Dacula is a little over half an hour’s drive to UGA, one of Georgia’s most prominent schools, and the railway system has allowed it to become a hub spot for transportation all over Georgia as well as the world.

You’ll find the town making waves through transportation routes and being one of the most important keys to helping our economy be efficient, but it never lost its hometown feel. While it’s consistently busy, bustling with life, it’s also a vibrant economy bringing a sense of peacefulness to southern day charm.

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